Woo! It's been a while since I posted icons. I just had no inspiration. Don't know that I still do O_o Anyway, here's a little batch that's been building up over the months. Enjoy. ^_^

¤ 8 Miscellaneous
¤ 4 Manga
¤ 4 XXXholic
¤ 3 FMA
¤ 1 Ai no Kusabi
¤ 1 Getbackers
¤ 1 Gravitation
¤ 1 Hanakimi
¤ 1 Haru
¤ 1 X-Men

¤ X-Men ¤

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19 New Icons

Wow, a bunch of people suddenly ganged up on my icon journal ^_^; Anyway, today is an update. I've been working more on my websites and other projects lately, so I only have a few icons.

¤ 1 Foxtrot
¤ 1 Gravitation
¤ 1 Snark
¤ 1 Sailor Moon
¤ 1 Fake
¤ 2 Got Yaoi?
¤ 2 Willy Wonka
¤ 2 Manga
¤ 3 Bishojo (Pretty Girls)
¤ 5 Miscellaneous

¤ Foxtrot ¤

¤ Gravitation ¤

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Sexy Viggo


Lately I've been making a few more trips into the wonderful world of wallpaper. I'm not very good at it, but it's interesting to try. I have three new ones hiding under the cut.

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Also, just wanted to let you know that I'm moving. I do have a few icons made and may update before I move, but if not, I'll probably be MIA for a few weeks. Moving can be sticky business.
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Snatch Away

I've noticed lately that feedback comes in spurts. Like for days I'll hear nothing and then all of a sudden two or three people will pop up and snatch at once. Is that because you tell friends or something? ^_^ Anyway, a few icons up for your grubby little paws. Have fun snatching.

¤ 9 Naruto
¤ 3 Misc.
¤ 2 Takashima Kazuza
¤ 1 Air Gear

¤ Air Gear ¤

¤ Takashima ¤
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Tare Panda Tea

Return of the Manga Icons

Icon time! A few bases as well, but mostly it's manga icons today. Since I've been doing a lot of photo icons and the like, the manga icons have been crying out for attention and I just had this really pretty manga that needed fixing, so here we go!

¤ 20 Chou ni Naru Hi
¤ 8 Air Gear
¤ 2 Misc. Manga
¤ 1 Misc.
¤ 7 Random Bases

¤ Misc. ¤

¤ Chou ni Naru Hi ¤
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Tare Panda Tea

Site Update!

After having that long period of computer trouble and such, I've finally gotten back to my own computer where I can do full updates. Yay! So the site is now updated. New layout. All the new icons are up. The template zip files are up. The brush files are fixed. Go take a peek!

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Tare Panda Tea


I think that this will be my biggest post in a while! In fact it's a multi-post! I have Icons, Bases and....Templates! Yes, I did some of those too! Why? Because there's no phone
or internet in my house and I really have nothing better to do. I was bored ;_; But that is good for you though. Anyway, let's get this started!

¤ Icons
¤ Bases
¤ Templates

¤ Icons ¤

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¤ Bases ¤
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¤ Templates ¤

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Dead Computer

I think it's worth a mention that my computer is dead. Dead as in the computer men kept it for almost a month and finally told me they couldn't fix it. It's not my regular computer, it was my travel laptop, but seeing as I'm on vacation, that means I can't do anything until I get back home in another month or so. That also means I can't update my website. So I can't get those templates and such up. I'm sorry. I can try to mess around with the Angelfire site. I'll update if I get that working. Sorry guys.
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