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Mint Tea Graphics

Welcome to the Tea Party

11 June

¤¤ Me ¤¤

My name is For-Chan, not Mint Tea ^_^ Mint Tea is the name of my graphics site. I love anime and I am an obsessive crazy fangirl who writes fanfiction of a particular nature. Yes, I'm terribly open minded, so much so that a lot of stuff just ends of falling out I'm sorry to say. I'm very very very forgetful. I like tangents, I get onto them easily, so before we start one, back to the open minded. I'm open minded and if you can't accept that I'm sorry, but life's great like that, so many points of view coexisting....mostly in peace. Yeah...^_^* People who can't coexist suck....that reminds me so much of the X-Men what with peaceful coexistence and such...yeah...tangent! So basically, I won't be censoring my creativity because of delicate sensibilities...if you're delicate, you're in the wrong place ^o^!

I dabble in webdesign, graphics, icons and the like. I finally decided to jump on the bandwagon and got a journal specifically for my stuff. Here you'll find icons, icon templates, wallpapers, perhaps the occasional paintbrush...and a lot of other stuff. Below you'll find out lots of other tidbits that you've never wanted to know but should probably check out.

¤¤ My Graphics ¤¤

Making miscellaneous graphics is a hobby of mine. I am in no way any sort of professional. I use Paint Shop Pro 7 and Animation Shop 3 and a little bit of ingenuity. All my graphics are free for you to use, if you link or keyword or something, depending on what you've taken, see the rules below.

¤¤ F.A.Q. ¤¤

Q: What's a template?
A: A template is basically a pre-made design that you can take and apply to a picture base to create an icon. Like this:

Q: How do I use/make one?
A: I have tutorials for PSP on my website, Mint Tea. And I highly recommend you skidaddle over to icon_extras, where you'll find all sorts of stuff for icon making including tutorials, templates and bases.

Q: How do you credit?
A: Generally, for icons people put credit in their keywords/comments. You type them in simply by going to Manage > User Pictures. Type your keywords in and Save Settings, viola. Credited.

- Other ways of crediting includes putting up links in your user information, especially in icon journals or websites.
- When posting icons using templates to community, I ask that you always credit. Just have my name or link somewhere in your post. This also applies to Icon Journals who direct their traffic from communities, just because you've posted it on your journal or it is friends only journal, you are not above the rules.

Q: Can I add you to my friends list?
A: Of course, add away.

Q: Will you add me to your friends list?
A: Sorry, no. I don't actually watch this friend list and see no reason to friend back.

Q: Can I link to you?
A: Sure, I've got little link banners at Mint Tea if you're interested.

Q: What's that small font you use in -blank- icon?
A: It's probably one of these:
They're called Pixel or Bitmap fonts and they're the best fonts to use for small text, because they're created small.

Q: Do you take requests?
A: On occasion yes. I'd rather personalize already made icons than start from scratch since people come up with some pretty complicated projects! If you think you want me to make an icon, please have an image, an idea of what you want it to say and any templates, colors, or fonts you want used already at hand. I do not do minimovie requests unless you happen to have an animation on hand, I will not go hunting one down.

¤¤ Contact ¤¤
To contact me, you can drop a comment in my comment post.

¤¤ Rules ¤¤

When using icons, a simple keyword credit is fine with me. If you're personalizing an icon, well, I still made it, so still gotta credit.
Bases and Templates:
For templates and bases, if you make icons simply for your personal use, it's up to you whether or not you credit. That is to say, credit is still very much appreciated, but I won't hunt you down if you don't. If, however, you are posting icons that use my templates or bases to an icon community of some sort, please credit! Somewhere in your post you can use a simple lj user link to minttea. You can figure out how to make an lj user link here. Really, there's no good excuse for not doing so. If you're saving things that others have made it is your responsibility to keep track of where you got it from. All of my templates start with "fc" so that can make it a bit easier, but still, it's on your head.
Other stuff:
I'd appreciate a comment if you take anything. Do not, under any circumstances direct link to anything. If I catch people doing so, I will begin to take things down. Not only that but I'll start up hot-link protection that will replace things with the most hideous graphics you've ever seen. It sounds childish, but I guarantee it will deter people ^_^.